Roketsan Visit

Roketsan Visit

Roketsan's chairman of the board of directors visited Akım Metal and our R&D Center looking for creating s defense industry business cooperation grounds.

Roketsan was established on June 14, 1988, in order to meet the Turkish Armed Forces' (TSK) rocket and missile requirements with the decision of the Defense Industry Executive Committee.

Roketsan has succeeded in transforming the technologies transferred thanks to the right strategies and the acquired brain power that the country has gained to realize the aim of the establishment, and has rapidly transformed this intermediate goal into a national industry specialized in the rocket / missile field.

Since its establishment, Roketsan has been designing and manufacturing rocket / missile systems nationally in accordance with its mission, design and technology infrastructure development projects, product development and production programs, launch platform and command units, training of user personnel, Systems to meet the need for logistical support.

During the visit, Roketsan looked for opportunities of establishing a business alliance, the company's processes were observed and information about our company's R&D infrastructure was obtained. As a result of this visit, a mutual good faith agreement was reached by determining the issues that could be cooperated. Roketsan decided to work with our company as a prospective business unit. During this visit, Roketsan Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mehmet Emin Alpman presented a plaque in memory of the day to Mustafa Boyet.