We Attended Aircraft Interiors

We Attended Aircraft Interiors

It was a new excitement for us to be one of the participants of Aircraft Interior Expo 2016, one of the most important organizations that give direction to the aviation industry.

AIX 2016, which took place in Hamburg, Germany between April 4-7; Major aircraft manufacturer companies and the first and second tier subsidiaries of these companies have participated.

Within the scope of this fair; As Akım Metal, a wide range of bilateral negotiations and business developments covering a large part of the aviation sector, from the main industrial companies to the companies providing aircraft maintenance services, have been carried out.

On the second day of the fair, Turkish Consulate General in Hamburg. Upon the invitation of Mehmet Fatih Ak Bey, we had the chance to meet with the leading managers of the aviation industry and the valuable representatives at various levels of the state at the reception to establish a warmer relationship.