As an organization with great respect for its environment, we believe that with the participation of all of us it would be possible to leave the next generation a liveable environment with clean natural resources, entrusted us by future generations. Akplas, acting with the awareness of “Protection of the Natural Environment” is committed to the following;

To minimize, dispose and /or re-enable the use of waste stemming from our productions harmful effects on the environment such as (air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, depletion of resources, plants, animals, effects on human health and safety, etc ...)

To comply, enforce and maintain all laws, regulations and legislation associated with the environment.

All our employees are subject to training with the aim of raising awareness and individual responsiblity in environmental issues.

Assuring cooperation with other national/local official institutions, industrial organizations and suppliers in the aim to raise environmental standards. A transparent Environmental Policy for all.

All of our employees work in collaboration to achieve the objectives of this policy and are responsible for carrying out activities connected with their own operations