Akplas was established in Istanbul in 1989, for the production of plastic injection moulding. Later moving to its Gebze location in 1996, as the company developed its quality systems approach, technological investments and R & D studies. In the years to follow, silk screen serigraphy printing, plastic wet painting, blow moulding and heat exchanger lines were also established. Expanding in 2012 due to increasing demands in the automotive industry and for production capacity, they started to also serve automotive customers in their Tuzla factory in Istanbul, originally initiated in 2009 for the production of heat exchangers.

Akplas, with its experienced and dynamic team, currently produces visual and functional parts for the field of industrial applications, automotive, air conditioning, white goods and small household appliances.Along with its traditional plastic injection capabilities, Akplas serves their customers on a wide scale with technological investments in 2K injection, IML, Heat&Cool (steam injection) and Gas Injection.

Alongside forming plastic parts, Akplas, with their customer-oriented production concept, offer wet painting in the visual field, silk / buffer / laser printing, hot stamp, and ultrasonic welding in functional areas as well as hot plate welding, performing product-specific testing and assembly activities, with fast and integrated solutions inline with their clients expectations. Akplas among its main strategies of sustainable development, cooperates with stakeholders and universities inorder to provide a better service to its customers, carrying out continuous specific product technological global research and investments in automation.


Developing the skills and knowledge of our employees

Providing services to variable customer requirements,

Maintaining high competitiveness by renewing themselves,

Working in partnership with the industry and its suppliers


Becoming a global company responsible for designing the main products it produces.